Welcome to STEVE PAYNE PORTRAITS where classic and timeless portraits of you and your loved ones come to life. I have been privileged to be doing this work for over twenty years, and remain committed to creating the finest in photographic portraiture that I can provide for you, my friends and clients. These portrait heirlooms are the "Heart and Soul" of Steve Payne Photography.

When I began in photography over 25 years ago, this was the type of work that I wanted to do. In fact, before I became a photographer, I was drawing portraits in school. Art was always my favorite class, and I’m forever been fascinated by people’s faces, gestures and movements. I’m always watching people. It's taken a long time to realize this dream, but I'm very thankful for it.

So, let us bring some joy into your life with fine portraits of your loved ones today.
We look forward to hearing from you!